Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nursing Clothing Review: Gilligan & O'Malley Womens Full Sling Long Nursing Tank

Price: $16.99


* I wear a medium in these tanks. The tank is a bit loose and not clingy around the waist, which I like.

* It is important to differentiate between the "regular" style of this tank and the "long" style. I find the "regular" style to be a bit too short and much clingier. It is easy to differentiate online, but the tags in store don't make the distinction clear. You might want to try one on if buying in store.

* In the early days, back when I was a 34 F (I KNOW!), the built in bra of these tanks didn't fit very well. Beginning at about 7 months postpartum, the bra and the tank both fit well. If your breasts are especially large in comparison to the rest of your frame, you might be better off with your own nursing bra topped by a stretchy tank that can be pulled aside for nursing access (these worked very well for me during the first few months), or with a product like the Undercover Mama.

* Remember, nursing bra fit is EXTREMELY important. An overly tight nursing bra can cause plugged ducts, mastitis or reduced milk supply. Keep this in mind when trying on any built-in-bra style nursing clothing.

Fabric: Great medium weight, stretchy jersey. These tanks have held up especially well with weekly washings.

Flattering, basic tank top. Layers well with cardigans, jackets, or under t-shirts. My only aesthetic complaint is that the under sling looks a bit like a boob thong and I have to keep my eye on it to make sure the top, scoop neck layer is pulled up.

Ease of Access:
Easy, one handed clasps. I also wear these tanks under V or scoop necks, which gives me the option of push-aside nursing access (handy when I've got Rhys in a baby carrier) or lift from the waist access (which can be more discreet, when I want to be discreet).

Ease of nursing with discretion: The full sling style offers a bit of coverage to the top of the breast while nursing. It is an inch of fabric, at most, but enough to give the illusion that the top of the breast is covered.

Yes, so long as you're careful about the fit of the built in bra.
I was not paid to review or endorse this product.


  1. I've lived in these tanks (along with cardigans and jeans/yoga pants) since Tate was born. Cannot tell you how much I love them. Admittedly, they are also perfect to wear all day and then sleep in at night. They are well-made and don't look or act their price at all. Highly recommended!

  2. I love them too!! And yes, also guilty of wearing one to work all day only to come home, change into PJ pants and sleep in it :)

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