Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nursing Clothing Review: Pika Bubi Nursing Top

Price: I bought this on Babysteals (yet again!) and and paid about $30 . . . this was a sale price though, and most prices I've found online currently are more in the $40-$50 range.

Fit: This top is long and loose . . . for sure long enough to cover the belly and back while nursing, bending, reaching, etc. It is actually long enough to be worn during pregnancy, if you so desire, which is nice but gives the unfortunate appearance of, you know, being MATERNITY clothing. I would prefer if this shirt were an inch or two shorter, however, if leggings and tunics are a go-to look for you, you'll likely approve of the extra length. The top consists of a sweetheart neckline shaped panel that fits over the breasts. It covered mine, but just barely. If you're especially large breasted this might not be the top for you.

Fabric: Heavy but comfortable jersey with a nice amount of stretch.

Aesthetics: Downside: looks a bit like maternity clothing. Upside: Flows instead of clinging, so this shirt covers a postpartum belly nicely. Caveat: Postpartum belly + extra tummy covering fabric can = strangers asking when you're due. Never fun!

Ease of Access: Since there is no built in bra, you must unclasp your nursing bra then arrange the shirt so that the openings are positioned over your nipples. Not too difficult, with a bit of practice.

Ease of nursing with discretion: The most discreet top I've reviewed so far. The openings are quite small (the stretch to the fabric makes them easy to use despite their size) and, with Rhys latched on, I had maybe a centimeter of skin showing around his mouth, which his head easily covered. This top is a winner if your primary concern is discretion.

Recommended?: Depends on what you want out of a nursing top. If you're looking for something especially flattering on your postpartum body, this probably isn't it. If you're shy about nursing in public and want something that allows you to nurse with minimal exposure, this may be the nursing top for you.


I was not paid to review or endorse this product.


  1. Just curious what size you got relative to your normal size. I normally wear a medium/8-10, but the Earth, Mom and Baby site size listings are different from what I'm used to: x-small (6-8), small (10), medium (12) so I'm just trying to get some feedback on sizing and yours is one of just a few reviews I've found. Thanks!

  2. At the time I wrote this review, I was approx 135lbs and a D cup. I'm 5'5". My shirt is a size small. Hope that helps!