Friday, March 18, 2011

Nursing Clothing Review: Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank

Price: I bought this on Babysteals (again!) and (again!) don't remember what I paid. It was probably close to the $20.40 that it is going for now on Glamourmom's site through their "private sales" section (not really private at all, anyone can sign up!)

Honestly? I'm not a fan of the fit of this tank. Momming involves all sorts of bending over, squatting down, leaning, and other behaviors that are likely to cause a shirt to ride up or result in mom flashing her backside. And most new moms wouldn't describe their tummy as their favorite feature. Both of these issues call for a bit of extra length in a shirt, to cover the bum and belly respectively. I think this Glamourmom tank falls short, literally. Go check out my review of the longer Target nursing tank (photographed in the same color even!) and see what you think. I find the Target tank to be much more flattering.

* Remember, nursing bra fit is EXTREMELY important. An overly tight nursing bra can cause plugged ducts, mastitis or reduced milk supply. Keep this in mind when trying on any built-in-bra style nursing clothing.

Fabric: All of Glamourmom's tops come in a heavy-weight, stretch jersey. And, this is practically sacrilege if you hang around high end nursing boutiques, but you know what? I don't like the heavy weight fabric. It is high quality, no doubt, but it makes me feel kind of sausage-y. I prefer a lighter weight fabric with more give (like the fabric used in the Target brand nursing tanks).

Too short, not entirely flattering. The integrated bra, however, has a plunge/v-neck shape, which I like.

Ease of Access:
The clasps on this top unclasp fairly easily with one hand, but it takes a bit of practice to learn to refasten them one handed. They aren't as easy to unclasp as the hook style fasteners on the Target brand tanks.

Ease of nursing with discretion: The actual nursing openings are quite small, so the integrated bra covers a good deal of the top of the breast.

Not really. I find the (cheaper) Target nursing tanks to be more comfortable, more flattering and easier to nurse in. It seems Glamourmom is phasing this tank style out, as it is listed on their sale site but not their regular site. The new tanks listed on the main site ARE all longer, so I think Glamourmom has acknowledged that fit issue. I also don't like the clasps. I find hook style clasps to be easier to use (and more secure . . . these clasps have popped open on me once or twice).

I was not paid to review or endorse this product.

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