Monday, January 3, 2011

Boob: The Portable Food

My family and I were away for several days over the holidays and feeding Rhys in the course of our travels really highlighted the fact that breastfeeding is uber convenient for moms on the go:

* Breastmilk is always available, ready to go, and at the perfect temperature.

* Breastfeeding mothers can travel light: No bottles, refridgeration or sterilization equipment to pack.

* Breastfeeding mothers never run out of food for their babies (A potentially cruicial benefit in the event of travel delays, holiday traffic, etc.)

* Breastmilk helps protect against illness, helping baby brave travel and crowds and upping mom and baby's chances of having a cold and flu free vacation.

* Breastfeeding ensures that, even on the most hectic days, mom and baby will have quiet time together to bond.

* Breastfeeding burns a slew of calories, meaning mom can enjoy that Peppermint Mocha / piece of fudge / pile of potatoes / 18th chocolate covered Peppermint Jo Jo / etc.

Nursing Rhys in the backseat of our (parked!) car, halfway up to Monterey. *Nursing a baby in a moving vehichle, while mom and baby are both fully buckled in, is TOTALLY POSSIBLE, by the way. But that's another blog post.*

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