Monday, February 28, 2011

Nursing Clothing Review: Old Navy Maternity Twisted Jersey Nursing Top

Old Navy Maternity Twisted Jersey Nursing Top

Price: $19.50 (I bought mine with a 20% discount, so $15.60.)

Fit: A bit on the large side. I ordered a medium but, if I had it to do over, I'd order a small.

Fabric: Great lightweight, non-clingy, slightly stretchy cotton jersey.

Aesthetics: Cute! Would likely be cuter in the right size.

Ease of access: My main complaint about nursing shirts that don't have a built in bra is that I have to deal with my bra clasps in addition to a shirt panel situation. That can be a lot to ask of a nursing mom, who is invariably working one handed while holding a squirming (and hungry!) baby or toddler with her other hand. This panel style worked great for me though . . . I reached in through the top of my neckline and unclasped my bra then simply tugged upwards on one side of the shirt's scoop-necked under layer to reveal a nursing opening. Uncovering the snacks took more time than it would in a full-sling nursing tank, but less time than it would in a "lift from the waist" clothing setup.

Ease of nursing with discretion: The design of this shirt allows you to control the size of the nursing opening, which afforded me a lot of coverage (moreso even than most full-sling style nursing tanks).

Recommended?: Yes, with the caveat that one should order a size down!


I was not paid to review or endorse this product.


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